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Finishing the Interior of the Cabinet.

I’ve been working and not posting. I am sanding the whole interior and applying finish before I glue this thing together. Having experienced the pain of finishing the liquor cabinet after glueup nope not again.

I generally follow Chris Becksvoort’s method. I don’t alter it or even consider to. I’m not a master. He is, so… I just do.

I start with 120 and 220 on my orbital sander. He uses a belt sanded but what ever. (Wait I altered it, shame on me) I then do 320,400, and 600 by hand followed by steel wool rub. If I see little imperfections while sanding at 320 or 400 I stop and fix with a card scraper. You can see the imperfections because at that high a grit the dust fills them up and leaves these white dots behind. After card scraping back to 320,400,600.

Once all the surfaces are finished I put on some Tried and True Danish oil. Wait two or more hours. Wipe the boards down with a clean towel then apply a 3:1 mix of Tried and True varnish oil and Epiphane spar varnish.

I start with a thick coat and wait 15 minutes then rub it down with a paper towel. I change paper towels and keep rubbing until I get no residue on the paper. Now I let sit for 48 hours and do another coat. Before the second coat I’ll sand with 600.

Here’s what I go so far.

state of the shop

Colors and details are lovely.

Color of the cherry is due to the proper sanding regimen

The details are lovely too.

Details of the cherry is due to the proper sanding regimen
Up next letting it dry for 48 hours, then sand down with 600 and apply another very thin coat.