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Insulating the roof of the workshop

Unlike the roof of a home where you will find a 2×8 or 2×12, TuffShed builds their roof with 2×4. Given that the city is requiring me to use R-38 type insulation, the 2×4 joists pose a real challenge because the insulation is 8″ thick. Solving that problem took a bit of trial, error and research before I figured out the correct and clean solution to get it done.

Well I did a different kind of wood working this past weekend. It started pretty badly but then in conversation with my wife and a friend came to the right solution. Of course now my wife gets to say: you see if you’d listened to what I was saying in the first place, then you’d be done earlier…yep she’s right.

So this weekend involved putting up insulation into the roof of the shed. Unfortunately the shed has joists that are 2×4, and the city is requiring me to put in R38 insulation which is 8″ thick. So my first attempt trying to use straps and then testing with spare fence boards looked like this

Insulation too thick to even try to compress in.

Not only does this reduce the efficiency of the insulation, that wasn’t going to work for me from how it looked. I was getting super annoyed about it because finishing the roof wasn’t in the cards right now, and the solution needed to be clean.

After much discussion, I tested out to see how deep I really needed to go by attaching 2x2s on top of each other to see if 6″ will work or if I have to have 8″

Testing the thickness.

No matter what I needed 8″… this is where my wife got to say: I told you so, you need to just add a 2×4 and then you can put some furring strips and all will be fine. Brand recommended some type of strong tie and I landed on getting the RTU 18-Gauge Galvanized Rigid Tie Connector for 2x Nominal Lumber.

The Galvanized Rigid Tie Connector.

and of course being a wood worker I took care of matching the wall angle and as much as possible the angle to the roof joist. You can also see that I added the initial furring strips to keep the insulation in place while I installed the second row. Once I had the insulation up and stapled though, things stayed in nicely while I worked.

All the 2×4 extensions are in.

After that I added the second strip to make sure things would go as expected and they did. You can see how thick this stuff is.

Side complete and fitting nicely.

Then moved one more layer to the top part

Side and middle complete.

I then let it rip across the whole thing

Roof insulation completed.

All in all it was about 6 hours of work, and then some trips to Home Depot for more things I needed to get. I need 2 more 1×2 for the center so it looks right, though it won’t have any effect on it staying up. Great side effect is that it is currently 78 outside and 68 in the shop with the Mini Split off. So clearly it’s working.

I called for the inspection today and will pass tomorrow, after which it’s dry wall time.