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Case Side Miter Shooting Board v2.

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Product Details

High-end woodworking case side miter shooting board appliance, also known as donkey ear shooting board, enables high repeatability and precision of mitered case ends, and helps ensure clean and well-aligned joints like secret mitered dovetails.

What’s included

The Case Side Miter Shooting Board is made of cabinet-quality ApplePly Cherry plywood, and as a result, it will withstand warping, and provide longevity. The Case Side Miter Shooting Board's platform is 18" x 12 and is able to shoot 16" wide case miters. The Miter Shooting Board's rails are made of cherry.

The appliance weighs approximately 9 pounds. The Miter Shooting Board comes with a cleat, and can, therefore, be used as a bench hook or to clamp into a leg vise.

Sacrificial Fence (NEW!)

This new version includes a sacrificial fence that is very helpful in avoiding end grain blowout, particularly on small parts like those used for boxes. When shooting large case sides wider than 15", you will need to remove the sacrificial fence in order to fit the full 16".


Another primary feature of the Miter Shooting Board is the 45-degree front track. That track prevents the hand plane from losing skewing above or below 45 degrees. Consequently as with any hand tool approach, precision is dependent on your technique.

Hand Planes

The Case Side Miter Shooting Board is used with a number of hand planes. Stanley, Veritas, Lie-Nielsen, and others all work. It is particularly performant with the Lie-Nielsen #51 and the Veritas shooting plane; it will even work with a block plane for small pieces.


The Miter Shooting Board is finished with two coats of Tried and True Varnish Oil, a zero VOC penetrating linseed oil with a pine resin finish, therefore providing scratch-resistance and durability over time. I also apply wax with steel wool as a finishing step to protect the surface.

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