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The shop move is complete.

It took 3 months from start to finish but the shop is finally ready to roll.

The two mover guys came on Saturday and I watched them move the shop, which included a heavy bandsaw and Roubo bench, in 1 hour. It was impressive if not unnerving for me.

Moving a few hundred pounds like it’s nothing.

At the end of the move I was left with this giant puzzle to untangle.

Barely any room to move.
Now to work through this.

After two days of work, which included some purging of old finish and things I didn’t know I kept, some great help from my kids, and the Bora wood rack showing up Sunday instead of next Tuesday, I finally got things in place so I can access and use them.

Bora rack.
Peg board needs reorg.
Everything a step or two away.
Band saw and router table.

It’s time to get back to work on the credenza. Before I do though, it will be necessary for me to cut some dovetails and practice again, as well as prep and sharpen the Japanese chisels that arrived while the shop was in limbo.


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